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Aguilar's Teak Furniture Restoration Services - Servicing All of Southern California

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Over 25 Years of Business

The Story

Aguilar’s Teak Restoration has been in the business of restoring exterior teak furniture for over 20 years. Our key objective is to return your teak to its original condition. We use the latest refinishing methods to get your teak looking new and to give it long term protection against the effects of the weathering process. We want to provide you with better teak furniture maintenance for your patio pieces. We are dedicated to always bringing you a service and results which we are sure you’ll be satisfied. We have the best products and services for your teak.


Our Teak Restoration Process

We restore your teak furniture using these three steps

Step 1

Light chemical wash to extract all impurities, dirt, and grime. All the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly, but as an extra precaution we use a water recovery system.

Step 2

Once dry, we use an orbital sander to sand your furniture smooth, older un-restored furniture might have more grain separation and as a result will need to be sanded a bit more.

Step 3

Your furniture is then sealed using high quality water or oil based teak sealer. With various colors and finishes to choose from. The sealer will protect your furniture from UV rays and common every day use.

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